Fans of the “Sanatorium of Love” program did not leave a dry thread on the latest edition. What made them so upset

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Fans of “Sanatorium of Love” do not hide their indignation. For what reason?

Fans of the

According to the “Interia” portal, although the fifth season of “Sanatorium of Love” It hasn't even started yet, it's already arousing great emotions. After the presentation of the new participants of the TVP love show, the network was in an uproar. Internet users did not bite their tongues when commenting on people who applied for the program. This concerned especially women. Get to know the details!

The new edition of “Sanatorium of love” is about to start

“Sanatorium of Love” turned out to be a huge TVP hit. No wonder the station decided to continue the program. Fans of the format eagerly await the appearance of the new season. To make their waiting time more pleasant, photos of participants in the fifth edition were presented on the official profile.

In the upcoming season, we will meet six exceptional women: Anita, Bożena, Ewa, Iwona, Asia and Ula. They will be accompanied by six gentlemen: Darek, Adam, Zbigniew, Krzysztof, Józef and Zdzisław. There was an uproar under the post presenting new participants. The ladies were especially hit hard. What was that about?

Fans don't hide their emotions

Supporters of “Sanatorium of Love” eagerly commented. Many of them said that “increasingly younger ladies” are taking part in the format. “Unfortunately, castings for the program are going in the wrong direction. Why don't you bet on seniors that each of us has in mind when we think 'senior'” – we read in one of the comments.

Internet users indicate that the station, when selecting participants, is guided only by viewership. Fans of the program accuse the station of distorting the image of seniors and old age. “Seniors, instead of having fun watching, can at most fall into complexes. It's a pity” – viewers comment.

A you, what do you think of these allegations?

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