Fantastic Four: Kate Mara opens up about her 'horrible experience' on Josh Trank's film

Fantastic Four: Kate Mara opens up about her 'horrible experience' on Josh Trank's film


Actress Kate Mara reconsidered her “horrific experience” as Sue Storm in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four.

Over the years, The Fantastic Four by Josh Trank has almost become a textbook case among the big failures in Hollywood. The reboot of the franchise by Fox is now known to all to have been a terrible industrial accident, the result of which gave a blockbuster butchered by its producers, that its director has since completely denied.

The film was also a bitter commercial failure, with just $ 167 million raised on a budget of $ 120 million, excluding marketing. A big oven for the Fox, which has definitely buried its franchise ambitions with the superhero gang. Josh Trank therefore had a lot of regrets about the film he wanted to make. But he's apparently not the only one to regret that things hadn't turned out differently.

It's hard when you're the only woman in the gang …

Indeed, the actress Kate Mara, interpreter of Sue Storm in the film (which the director would have wanted black), spoke, recently, to Emmy Magazine, on the set of Fantastic 4 , that she does not hesitate not to qualify as “a horrible experience” . In particular by pointing out the fact that the two most disastrous experiences of his career took place with “male directors”:

“I had a horrible experience on The Fantastic Four. I've never talked about it before. I got married to one of my co-stars [Jamie Bell, editor's note], so I don't regret making this movie just for that. But would I have liked to have reacted differently to certain things? Yes, definitely. […]

The point is, my two terrible experiences with directors were with male directors. Didn't I get along with a director? Absolutely. And wasn't that the best work experience? Of course. But there was never a time when I said to myself, 'this is happening because I'm a woman.' Where with male directors, it only happened 100% with me; it was a matter of dynamic power. “

Knowing how to win in a male work environment

The actress therefore clearly implies, in her remarks, that if her experience on the Josh Trank film was so disastrous, it is in large part because of its director and his misogyny . Kate Mara spoke more about the issue, in an episode of Collider Ladies Night, on the occasion of the promotion of the series A Teacher , where the actress spoke again about the shooting of the film and her feelings:

“I think the thing I always come back to is that I should have followed my instinct more. Like when I was told, 'You probably shouldn't let this go, what this person just said. say ', or if you somehow feel that energy and how it affects your performance. You get paid to do a certain thing, but if something bothers you, you have the right to speak up and say,' I don't. am not able to do what I am here for, because of X, Y and Z.

[…] I think speaking up is something that we will learn again and again to do, to follow our instincts, and if you feel something that worries you or whatever, there is a reason for it. […] This is another great lesson I learned – asking other actors for advice – and I learned this lesson not only on this movie, but a few others after that – by asking others actors what was their experience working with a producer or director or other actor.

Kate Mara in the House of Cards series

I had never done this and now I do because I think if you really respect another actor and they've worked with someone you plan to work with, you can learn a lot just by talking to them . And I always say, if anyone wants to ask me about my experiences, then do it! “

Like many actresses currently in Hollywood, Kate Mara therefore advocates the word as a slogan to fight against the misogyny of some members of Hollywood , still demonstrating the benefits of the #MeToo movement, more than three years after the affair Weinstein.

As a reminder, since the failure of his Fantastic 4 , Josh Trank has distanced himself from the big Hollywood machine, in particular by directing the biopic Capone, with Tom Hardy disfigured in the title role. You can find out what we think of this new director failure, with our review available here. As well as what we think of the career of Tom Hardy, which is becoming all rotten, with our file available there.

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