Fashion experts spotted a new detail in Kate Middleton's outfits


    Modnye experts noticed a new detail in Kate Middleton's outfits

    Over 11 years of living in the royal family, Prince William's wife has revised the approach to some details of her wardrobe.

    40-year-old Duchess of Cambridge Catherine has long has won the title of fashion icon, and her style is watched and copied by millions of women around the world. However, over the years, Kate Middleton has changed her approach to choosing outfits, writes Hello. According to fashion observers, the style of Prince William's wife has undergone significant changes since she became a member of the royal family in 2011.

    For example, the duchess began to give preference to images with closed hands. So, at the BAFTA 2017, she appeared in a black Alexander McQueen off-the-shoulder dress with a print, and two years later the same outfit had winged sleeves.

    She did the same with a stunning white – gold dress from Alexander McQueen. If in 2012 it had transparent sleeves, then for BAFTA 2020 it was redesigned so that the sleeves were not see through.

    Fashion experts spot a new detail in Kate Middleton's outfits

    Royal reviewers also took notice of the iconic Emilia Wickstead plaid dress that Kate wore to Christmas dinner with the Queen in 2019. Heading to an event at Buckingham Palace, she was photographed in a lavish party outfit, but, unlike the original design, Kate again opted for opaque sleeves.

    The reason for choosing this particular style is not clear. Perhaps she thought it was more suitable for Christmas, or prefers to dress more conservatively for certain occasions.

    At the same time, it would be wrong to say that the Duchess completely abandoned dresses with bare shoulders. A recent confirmation of this is the May premiere of Top Gun: Maverick, where she appeared in a luxurious black and white Roland Mouret dress.

    Fashion experts have noticed a new detail in Kate Middleton's outfits


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