Fast & Furious: Michelle Rodriguez teases the future of the franchise (and it's scary)


Actress Michelle Rodriguez has an idea for the future of the Fast & Furious franchise after the 11th installment. And that's not very reassuring.

It's scary enough (or heartbreaking, as you like) that the tenth installment of Fast & Furiousis currently in production, but it's even more exciting to imagine that the saga could continue beyond the eleventh film, the conclusion being divided into two chapters. After Lucadris (aka Tej) telling Fatherly two weeks ago that the franchise could follow the trajectory of the Jurassic Park saga – which continued with the three Jurassic World strong> and should somehow return after The World After – it was actress Michelle Rodriguez who recently teased the possible future of the franchise< /strong>.

Michelle Rodriguez< /p>

When promoting the new Dungeons & Dragons: Thieves' Honorin which she will star, the interpreter of Letty hinted to Deadline that the franchise will not stop anytime soon, the succession being already more or less assured: “At some point, we will have to pass the baton to the younger generation. Don't worry, we're having kids! It's going to happen.

Just to stay on the same cliché, the franchise could therefore continue thanks to the family, even if the current descendants of the Torettos still have their legs too short to press any pedal. It would then be necessary to make an ellipsis of several years so that the children of Brian and Mia (their son Jack and their anonymous daughter) or Brian, the son of Dom and Elena (Elsa Pataky), can take the wheel again, ransack cities, stop bad guys and save the world.

Good return on investment

The idea seems too far-fetched to be plausible (though), but the fact that the franchise is continuing on its way is much less so. The brand washed by Vin Diesel should initially continue to exist via the sequel to the spin-off Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, while the animated series Fast & Furious: Spies in the race could be declined in real shots. It is also possible that another spin-off series will emerge instead of a Fast & Furious 12.

Waiting for something concrete, Fast X (the official name of the tenth part) will be directed by Louis Leterrier and will arrive in French theaters from May 24, 2023.


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