Father and son became famous on the Internet thanks to their art of cooking incredibly exquisite pancakes


July 11, 2022, 23:06 | In the world

And how tasty they are!

Father and son became famous in Networks for its art of cooking incredibly delicious pancakes

TigerTomato is not the pseudonym of one person. This is a duo consisting of a father and son from Melbourne (Australia), informs Ukr.Media.

The chefs, who prefer to hide their real names, have become very famous in social networks, and all thanks to strange colorful pancakes, which they prepare The artistic process begins with choosing a design, after which an outline is drawn, which is then filled with colored dough. It is enough to turn over a cooked pancake to understand that we have a small masterpiece in front of us.

Of course, preparing such pancakes takes immeasurably more time than their usual "brothers", but the result is worth it.< /p>

And although it is difficult to imagine how it is possible to eat such a beauty, TigerTomato told that this is exactly the fate that awaits the pancakes they prepared – they are eaten with pleasure.


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