Father Gigi and Bella Hadid declared bankruptcy

71-year-old Mohammed Hadid filed papers in the bankruptcy court his construction company.

Отец Джиджи и Беллы Хадид объявил себя банкротом

It seems that litigation that the father of models Gigi and Bella Hadid is more than three years due to the construction of a mansion on the hill elite neighborhood of Bel-air, has substantially undermined his well-being. Mohammed is accused of that they built a house previously assessed at $ 100 million and people received the title “Star ship”, “is a threat to life” because of incorrectly installed piles, and forced him to carry. For the first time the charges were against Hadid in 2017, and since most of the time and money he spends on lawyers and court hearings.

The situation worsened when a week ago the judge ruled about the beginning of the demolition of the mansion. According to the lawyers Hadid, Mohamed have no money for the dismantling of the building. Moreover, he doesn’t even have 500 thousand dollars to pay appointed judge of the supervisor who must monitor the demolition.

In the end, Hadid had nothing officially to declare itself bankrupt: judge immediately referred the case to dismantle the mansion construction company of Douglas Wilson, who was repairing the California Golf course Donald trump for $ 35 million.

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