Fatty food helps to recover from flu: what foods suppress the immune system

Жирная пища помогает излечиться от гриппа: какие продукты подавляют иммунитет

When a person is sick, appetite it is usually not, especially if high temperature. The doctors for the flu (remember, this winter Ukraine will attack new flu viruses, including the “Brisbane” — a descendant of the swine strain) and SARS suggest drinking plenty of fluids and light food. However, the staff of Yale University (USA) claim to recover faster and avoid complications, the patient should eat food with high fat and moderate protein. But carbohydrate intake needs to be limited.

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With this diet (ketogenic diet) inhibits the activity of cells associated with the development of inflammation, and increases the number of immune cells.

American scientists conducted experiments on rodents. They were infected with influenza virus type A. the First group of animals was sitting on a ketogenic diet, and the second, control, ate as usual. It turned out that the rodents from the first group remained the optimal level of oxygen in the blood and had less virus in the lungs, so they survived.

So scientists have once again proved the benefits of chicken broth for the flu and colds.

As for chocolates, cakes and other sweets, they are, in the opinion of many scholars, suppress the immune system, which decreases the activity of the antibodies that help the body fight off infections. Besides sweet food breaks down in the body selenium is required for normal operation of the protective system.

How to avoid catching the flu

  • It’s not too late to get vaccinated (“FACTS” told to whom it is necessary to be vaccinated).
  • If the person has contraindications (for example, intolerance to chicken protein, autoimmune disease), leaving home, is to lubricate the nasal passages oxolinic ointment, vegetable oil or vaseline.
  • In the midst of influenza should be worn in public areas of the multilayer mask.
  • It is recommended wash hands frequently and not touch your face.
  • Coming to your home or office, you should wash the nose, and to rinse a throat with salty water.

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