Fear Street: Netflix will relaunch its horror trilogy


After the first Fear Street trilogy, adapting R.L. Stine, Netflix is ​​said to be producing new movies and expanding the franchise.

Thanks to the renewed success of Stranger Things, Netflix has found a winning recipe which, over the years, is proving to be ever more profitable. With its nostalgic horror series, the streaming platform could even be paving the way for other productions reproducing a similar pattern. For example, we recently discovered the trailer for the Amazon series, Paper Girls, where teenage girls from the 80s are confronted with a phenomenon of time travel.

In response to the popularity of its own series, Netflix had the ingenious idea of ​​adapting R.L Stine (author of Goosebumps) whose literature was the first contact with the horror genre for many children. The platform thus proposed in 2021 a trilogy of films Fear Street(from the name of one of the writer's prolific sagas) having several advantages for her. In addition to being the first Rated-R adaptation of an R.L Stine work, Fear Street has the potential to be the Marvel of horror for Netflix, according to its creator. That would mean, among other things, an extended universe and many movies to come.

And indeed, several rumors have made their way regarding Fear Street and Netflix's ambition to go further with the license. Rumors that have reached the ears of R.L Stine himself. It must be said that the first trilogy was a nice success on the platform (even if not a resounding one), but according to the writer (in an interview with Yahoo! entertainment), the audiences were satisfactory enough for the N rouge so that sequels (or other spin-offs) be considered:

“I've heard rumors that Netflix is ​​making new Fear Street movies because the first ones did really well last summer.”

Information to be taken with a grain of salt, but which has however been fully confirmed by Bloody Disgusting. According to media sources, other films are indeed in the planning stage at Netflix and their development is already well advanced.

So far, Fear Street has told us the story of young people who must survive a series of murders in the city of Shadyside. From there, their quest to discover its origins takes them to investigate through the ages. This three-act slasher horror had us moderately convinced (our review of Fear Street: 1966), but was not unworthy of its intriguing concept and its desire to renew genre standards.

< p class="center" style="text-align: justify;">Bringing together retro vibes, teenagers, and supernatural events, the films share important similarities with Stranger Things (not counting the presence of actresses Sadie Sink or Maya Hawke). Taking into consideration the statements of Leigh Janiak (director of the trilogy), Fear Street could even become a series and, who knows, take over from the work of the Duffer brothers if necessary.


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