Federal government unveils price list for gun buyback


Federal government releases price list for gun buyback

The government could pay more than $1300 per AR-15 type weapon acquired by Ottawa.

Ottawa on Thursday released a price list for the buyback of prohibited firearms as part of its program to remove these “dangerous firearms from Canadian communities”.

Handing over a Swiss Arms SG550 could net an owner $6209, and an AR-15 rifle could net him $1337.

In a statement from Public Safety Canada, Minister Marco Mendicino recalls that assault style firearms, such as the AR-15 [a semi-automatic assault weapon used for sport shooting Canada], have no place in Canada.

“They [assault weapons] are designed to kill the more people, which is why our government has taken the ambitious step of banning them from our country once and for all.

—Marco Mendicino, Minister of Public Security

The federal government explains that the proposed price list was developed to reflect what Canadians may have paid for an assault-style firearm before May 2020.

Ottawa intends to seek feedback this summer from gun owners, businesses and industry on proposed compensation amounts by August 28.

The mandatory buy-back program would cover more than 1,500 models and variants of what the government considers assault-type firearms, banned two years ago.

This mandatory buyback program is expected to cost nearly $756 million, according to an estimate by the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

It will represent a lot of money in the federal treasury, admits the PolySeSouvient spokesperson, Nathalie Provost. But she adds that if we hadn't wasted [the gun registry] by destroying it, we wouldn't be spending money trying to limit the proliferation of guns.

Last May, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, announced the tabling of a bill including the implementation of a national freeze on handguns.


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