“Feel the taste of freedom”: Kazakhs ridiculed citizens who fled the Russian Federation in an advertisement for chocolate (video)

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  • «Feel the taste of freedom»: Kazakhs ridiculed citizens who fled Russia in an advertisement for chocolate (video )

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« Feel the taste of freedom

The protagonist of the commercial gains a “taste of freedom” by receiving a bar of chocolate “Kazakhstansky”, which is the country's hallmark, as a gift.

in chocolate advertising. The video was published on November 20 in the agency's Telegram channel.

The main character of the video wanders through the mountains with a suitcase, when a rider comes out to meet him and holds out a bar of Kazakhstani chocolate. “What is it?” – asks the traveler, who is easily guessed as a Russian wandering from Russia. “It's a taste of freedom,” the Kazakh replies.

The video went viral on social media. However, the company emphasizes that the video is not an official advertisement. The agency noted that it is “exceptionally entertaining”.

“The name “Kazakhstan” can literally be translated as “the land of free people.” Therefore, we can say that the chocolate” Kazakhstan “is the taste of a free land , a taste of freedom,” Loud Fish commented on their work.