Fiancee dumped al Pacino because of the 39-year-old age difference

Избранница бросила Аль Пачино из-за 39-летней разницы в возрасте

The ex-girlfriend of 79-year-old actor al Pacino spoke about the breakup with the star, reports Page Six , citing the Israeli publication of the journal La Isha.

40-year-old actress Meital Dogan reported that the cause of the scandal was a 39-year-old age difference. “I tried to deny it, but he is now old, let’s be honest. With all my love, it didn’t last long” she said, adding that al Pacino was not generous. “He didn’t like to spend money. Bought me flowers,” complained Metal.

Al Pacino’s 30-year-old daughter from his ex-wife Jen Torrent and 18-year-old twins with actress Beverly D’angelo.

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