Fighting between factions results in at least 10 dead in Syria

  • Clashes between groups for and against the regime also left nearly 20 injured

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Fights between factions result in at least 10 deaths in Syria

Al less than ten members of the security forces have died and about 20 people have been injuredthis Tuesday in clashes between factions for and against the regime in the cities of Salim and Atil in the province of al Sweida, in southern Syria, as reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The organization, based in London and informants in the Arab country, has indicated on its website that six members of the 'Raj faction 'Al Falhot' have been killed and four local anti-regime gunmen who stormed 'al Falhot' headquarters have been killed in Salim city, in addition to the injury of almost 20 people from both sides.

Sources cited by the Observatory have pointed out that residents and local armed groups from Al Sweida province have blocked the highway that connects Damascus with this province.

>The region regularly experiences murders that are primarily the work of del local incounts.


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