Filip Chajzer unexpectedly disappeared during the “Good Morning TVN” program. The journalist has serious problems. The intervention of the doctors was necessary

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Filip Chajzer disappeared during the program. He had to see a doctor. Blood spilled.

Filip Chajzer unexpectedly disappeared during the

< p>According to the “Super Express” portal, the viewers of the Tuesday edition of the “Dzień Dobry TVN” program were quite surprised when Filip Chajzer suddenly disappeared. His program partner Małgorzata Ohme admitted that Chajzer suffered a lot from injury and had to go to the doctor quickly. What happened to Chajzer?

Filip Chajzer suddenly disappeared from “Dzień Dobry TVN”

Tuesday's edition of the program “Dzień Dobry TVN” was extremely difficult for Filip Chajzer . Although the presenter tried to hold on, an hour before the end of the program, he decided to leave the studio and went to the doctor. Małgorzata Ohme explained that the injury made it impossible for her colleague to continue working.

The rest of the program was conducted by Ohme with the help of Mateusz Hładki and Robert Stockinger. The fans did not hide their concerns about the condition of Filip Chajzer, especially since it was not known for a long time what was wrong with him.

Blood spilled

After the conversation between “Pudelek” journalists and Filip Chajzer, everything became clear. It turns out that the journalist broke his leg on a wine glass. As saam admitted, he did not put the glass on the nightstand, but left it by the bed. When the alarm clock rang, the presenter stepped on it with all his might.

“Blood was flowing, the whole leg was bruised. I tried to bandage it because I am a professional and I can't imagine not appearing in the “Dzień Dobry TVN” studio. Unfortunately, I felt worse with every minute of the program. Blood poured from the shoe ” – explained Chajzer.

The doctor was there

It turns out that first aid was given to Chajzer by a doctor invited to the studio. Doctor Preibisz examined the journalist's wound and stressed that it was necessary to perform the procedure. They went to the hospital, where the glass shards stuck in Filip Chajzer's foot were removed, the wound was cleaned and stitches were put on.

“I was lucky because the largest piece missed the tendon by 2 mm” – revealed the journalist.

We wish Filip Chajzer a speedy recovery.

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