Filtered the data of 235 million Twitter users

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Leaked the data of 235 million Twitter users

Twitter problems are piling up. The data of some 235 million users of the social network, including their email addresses, was exposed this week in a popular hackers' forum reportedly . Ticos, where they are auctioned for about two dollars.

Apparently, the leak would have been detected by Alan Gal, co-founder of the Israeli security company Hudson Rock. “The database contains 235,000,000 unique records of Twitter users and their email addresses and will unfortunately lead to a large number of attacks, >targeted phishing and doxing,” said Mr. in a LinkedIn post.

Last July, the company now run by tycoon Elon Musk suffered a crisis. a cyberattack that exploded the Internet. a security breach in the platform to steal and leak the data of 5.4 million users. Twitter explained So he said that he had detected that vulnerability in January 2022 and that he had quickly patched it, pointing out that no sensitive personal information had been compromised. He assured also that it would notify the affected account owners.

“Serious threat”

Since last summer, hackers have been selling and circulating packets of stolen data from Twitter, including Twitter's email addresses and phone numbers. users phone.

The cybersecurity platform HackerOne warned It was stated that it was a “serious threat”, since the filtering of this data and its sale on web portals means that any actor can acquire it to try to launch more precise cyberattacks against the exposed Twitter users. Computer attacks ranging from identity theft to sending them messages with malicious links to infiltrate viruses into their operating systems, known as 'phishing'.

The US media suggests that these data sets were created in 2021 by taking advantage of security flaws in the Twitter API. The attackers tracked users' public data and combined it with stolen private data to create user profiles.

In December, the Irish Data Protection Commission, the agency The regulator responsible for supervising the actions of Twitter in the European Union, sent a report on Twitter. A letter was sent asking the company to provide information about this massive data theft of millions of its users.