Financial tricks that can improve our lives


June 9, 2022, 23:07 | Business

Allocate your budget correctly.

Financial tricks that can improve our lives

We have prepared for you several financial tricks that will help you unexpectedly save or allocate your budget correctly, informs Ukr.Media.

Do not buy in online stores on the same day< /strong>

When making a purchase in the online store, do not rush to pay for the product at the same moment. Leave the buyer "hanging" in the basket for a few days. Most online stores, seeing that a potential buyer is interested in ordering, but hesitates for some reason, reduce the price on selected products or offer certain promotions.

Credit cards require accuracy

Credit card owners should remember an important rule: the money on the card is not yours, and sooner or later it will need to be returned. Therefore, use money from credit cards only in case of extreme need, otherwise there is a high probability of getting into debt and paying it off in circles for many years.

Birthday only once a year?

When filling out questionnaires to receive discount cards of different stores, indicate different dates of birth. Most stores offer special discounts or give bonuses and gifts on birthdays to owners of their club cards. On your actual birthday, you will already receive enough gifts from friends and acquaintances, and there is usually no time to spend gift points during this period. But receiving pleasant bonuses evenly throughout the year is not only economical, but also pleasant.

Planning is the key to success

< p>The ability to competently plan your expenses is probably the most important trick from the ones listed above. Train yourself to allocate earned money and prioritize expenses. Usually the first place should be expenses for gasoline or travel on public transport and paying bills. After that, the priority is usually food for a month and various household expenses. Then — communication services (Internet, phone), next — the necessary clothes, and only what remains from the budget after these expenses can be spent on all kinds of “wants”. Also, various online budget planner applications will help to develop the skill of planning as quickly as possible.


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