Finland urges Europe to find a cyber-independence

Финляндия призывает Европу обрести кибер-независимость

The Finance Minister of Finland Katri Kulani wants, the EU has developed its own computer operating system and Internet browser, in order to reduce the dependence of the unit from the tech giants.

It is reported by the Agency AR.

Speaking on Wednesday, Culmone said that the EU-developed operating system “will make our continent less vulnerable and… will reduce the dependence on a few companies.”

In Finland is a manufacturer of telecommunications equipment Nokia Corp., one of the three largest global developers of 5G networks.

“Enemy impacts related to management of computer networks and data is the biggest security risk we’ll face in the future,” said Culmone, without naming any company. She added that the US and Chinese competitors ahead of the EU.

Comuni stressed that Europe should become self-sufficient in the cyber sphere and to be a “pioneer” in information technology, including the development of artificial intelligence and mobile next generation networks 5G.

“In practice, to be self-sufficient in the cyber world means, for example, the creation of a European operating system and browser. The EU can also act as Issuer of digital certificates,” said Culmone.

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