Fire at Thai nightclub kills 13

  • The fire devoured the premises and left 41 other people injured by flames and smoke

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A fire in a Thai nightclub results in 13 deaths

13 people have died and at least 41 were injured in a fire during the early hours of Friday at a nightclub in Chonburi province, southeast of Bangkok, rescue teams reported.

The fire around 1:25 a.m. Friday (6:25 p.m. GMT Thursday) at the Mountain B nightclub, according to the Sattahip district rescue teams, who noted that the fatalities are four women and nine men. All the injured were transferred to a hospital in the province.

The firefighters indicated in a statement that they needed more than two hours to calm the fire< /strong> due to the large amount of flammable material inside the premises, such as air conditioners and sound insulation.

The videos published by the rescue teams show the premises devoured by enormous flames and dozens of people fleeing the fire.


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