Fire in Old Montreal: a second crane to help rescuers | Fire in Old Montreal

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Fire in Old Montreal: a second crane to help rescuers | Fire in Old Montreal

A second crane will come today to reinforce the rescue teams.

A week after the fire that ravaged a building in Old Montreal, authorities announce the arrival of a second crane on the site, which will speed up the search.


The crane arrived at the scene of the incident this morning, at the intersection of rue du Port and place D'Youville, the authorities announced during their briefing. daily press.

This crane will allow us to move a little faster, explained the division chief of the Montreal Fire Department (SIM), Martin Guilbault.

“All the work done yesterday was done manually, bit by bit, bit by bit, to make sure all the elements were preserved, and it was all done by our rescue team. »

— Martin Guilbault, Division Chief of the Montreal Fire Department

Despite the challenges and constraints encountered during the search, the teams in the field remain motivated, assured the head of communications and spokesperson for the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), David Shane.

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Martin Guilbault, division chief of the Montreal Fire Department (left) and David Shane, communications manager and spokesperson for the Montreal Police Department.

What really drives us is to alleviate the anguish and pain that is felt by families. We are all committed to the end, Mr. Shane said.

Authorities have extricated four of the seven alleged victims so far.

< p class="e-p">We always concentrate our efforts in the search for victims according to the areas that are targeted by SPVM investigators, said Mr. Guilbault.

The SIM division chief also highlighted the four priorities of the fire and police teams dispatched to the area of ​​the disaster, namely: the safety of the personnel, the search for victims, the determination of the cause and the circumstances of the fire, then the protection of the heritage.

These objectives direct the work in the field in order of importance, explained the fire chief.

When you are faced with decision-making in the field, it is in this order that we take priorities, and not in the reverse order, added Mr. Shane.

This way of prioritizing will not prevent the authorities from gather clues about the cause of the fire as the search for the victims unfolds, said the SPVM spokesperson.

In addition, the teams on the ground remain open to the possibility that there are other victims in the rubble, Mr. Shane said.

It may happen that there are has people who have stayed in this building who did not necessarily have relatives or friends, people who are a little more socially isolated, tourists who come from abroad whose families do not know exactly where Who address to report them missing, he gave as an example.

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