Fire in Old Montreal: at least six people are missing

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Fire in Old Montreal: at least six people are missing

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 dlqbmr">A major fire broke out on Thursday morning in a building on rue du Port, in Old Montreal.

At least six people are missing following the fire that ravaged a heritage building in Old Montreal located near the Pointe-à-Callière museum on Thursday, revealed the Police Department of the Ville de Montréal (SPVM) and the Fire Safety Service (SIM) in a press briefing on Saturday morning.

It is still impossible for firefighters and the SPVM to enter the building and carry out “security searches”, explained Martin Guilbault, of the SIM .

The police therefore had to use various means, such as research with the entourage, landlords and families reporting the disappearance of a loved one as well as on social networks, to determine that six people are missing. x27;call, said SPVM arson commander Steve Belzil.

He gave no information about the identity of these people, including whether they were residents of the building or people who had been there. rented accommodation on Airbnb, for example.

The SPVM has however confirmed that the Place d'Youville building includes short-term rental accommodation on Airbnb.

As for the nine people who were taken to hospital on Thursday, only two are still hospitalized and are at the burns center.

Neighbors who were evacuated on Thursday were able to return their accommodation.

The intervention by the SIM was transferred Friday evening to the SPVM, but the firefighters will maintain their assistance to the police force. But currently we are not talking about arson. It was transferred [to the SPVM arson department] because we have reason to believe that there are victims, deaths, explained Steve Belzil.

Since it is still impossible to enter the building, the authorities could not determine the cause of the fire.

The SIM gives itself the weekend to evaluate the structure and establish a work plan with the following two objectives: the safety of the responders and assist the SPVM as much as possible, while trying to preserve the heritage building, said Martin Guilbault. There is no more emergency as such for the moment.

The SPVM and the SIM could need several days, even several weeks, to investigate the cause of the fire.

The head of public security for the City of Montreal, Alain Vaillancourt, reacted on Twitter on Saturday morning.

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