Fire in the Warriors: leaked video of Draymond Green's brutal punch to Jordan Poole

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Fire in the Warriors: Leaked video of Draymond Green's brutal punch at Jordan Poole

The Golden State Warriors have opened an investigation into a confrontation in whichDraymond Greenarrived to punch his partner Jordan Poole during training this past Wednesday and whose images have leaked in the last few hours, collected exclusively by the portal American TMZ.

Those responsible for the Warriors, current NBA champions, are now investigating what happened to determine if any disciplinary action is necessary, although through statements by its president, Bob Myers, It seems evident that they are trying to bury the matter and reduce the tension of an action that borders on the most absolute violence.

“ fixed up. In the NBA and in professional sports you go through these things. Nobody likes it and we don't approve of it but it has happened & rdquor ;, explained Myers. “Draymond apologized this morning in front of the entire team, including Jordan. I was there. together with the squad and the coaching staff and we have all heard it”.

Shams Charania, one of the journalists with the best sources within the NBA, assured this Wednesday in scoop that Green “hit” He returned to Poole after an argument that grew heated. And after a verbal confrontation, the two players shoved each other, Green hit the ball. He angered Poole and both had to be separated afterwards so that the situation would not escalate.

“It is an unfortunate incident, no. I will deny it. It will take us a while to leave it behind, but I am sure that we will achieve it in the end. It is not the first time that something like this has arisen, it is something we have already been through, and although it is not pleasant, it is part of the League and it is part of the sport” Myers, in a position of the franchise that implies that it will be a conflict that will try to be resolved internally.