Fires are consuming European countries. Fire is getting closer to our country. Do we have reason to be concerned


A massive fire is currently raging in the Czech Republic.

 Fires are consuming European countries. Fire is getting closer to our country. Do we have reasons to be concerned

According to the website “Super Express”, a wave of powerful devours is sweeping through Europe. Extremely high temperatures contributed first to the outbreak of fire in the south of the continent, and then in its depths. The fires are getting closer to the Polish border. The Czechs and the Germans are currently fighting fire. Bohemian Switzerland, Saxony and Brandenburg are burning. Polish firefighters also take part in the firefighting action.

Fires in the Czech Republic and Germany

Extreme heat waves and accompanying droughts contribute to the outbreak of dangerous fires, although some of them were caused by deliberate arson. Forests are burning in Spain, Portugal and the south of France. In recent days, fires have started much closer to the Polish border.

Our southern neighbors are facing a huge fire. Bohemian Switzerland burst into flames. It is an area close to the border with Germany and it was only a matter of time before the fire spread to another country. Now firefighters from the Czech Republic as well as German Brandenburg and Saxony are fighting the fires.

As reported by the German “Deutche Welle” in the Brandenburg area, fire consumes an area equivalent to 1,200 football fields. Both forests and meadows burn here. The situation is all the more dangerous here that there are numerous remains of the military exercises taking place there.

The Czechs are fighting the Czech Switzerland fire

Poles are helping the Czech services to extinguish the fire. Both firefighters and policemen were involved in the action. A Polish helicopter adapted to extinguish fire from the air was launched. The situation is very serious, because thousands of hectares of fire took up the fire.

Unfortunately, the spread of fire was recently helped by the wind, which significantly hindered the rescue operation and control of the fire. At that moment, the wind has died down, which makes it easier to carry out the fire-fighting action. However, firefighters are not favored by the terrain and the forest stand, consisting of relatively flammable spruce and fir trees.

Do you think that we will also face a similar threat?


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