First debate, Wednesday, between the candidates in the race for the leadership of the PCU


First debate, Wednesday, between candidates in the PCU leadership race

The candidates in the PCU leadership race are Leela Aheer, Brian Jean, Todd Loewen, Danielle Smith, Rebecca Schulz, Rajan Sawhney and Travis Toews.

The seven candidates in the race for the leadership of the United Conservative Party (UCP) of Alberta face off Wednesday evening in a debate in Medicine Hat. From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., the candidates will debate several topics, including health care, the economy, the environment and party unity.

It's This is the only debate that will take place before the August 12 deadline, the last day for people who want to join the party or need to renew their membership card.

The debate will be moderated by Jeff Davison, CEO of the Prostate Cancer Center and former Calgary City Councillor. The debate will be streamed online on the United Conservative Party website.

All of the candidates to succeed Jason Kenney will be there. Seven candidates entered the race, namely Leela Aheer, Brian Jean, Todd Loewen, Travis Toews, Danielle Smith, Rebecca Schulz and Rajan Sawhney.

A recent Leger online poll of Conservative supporters in Alberta ranked Danielle Smith (22%), followed by Brian Jean (20%) and Travis Toews (15%).

All the candidates have already expressed their political positions and their promises on some of the topics that will be discussed on Wednesday.

In addition to issues relating to health and public finances, the debate is also likely to focus on the unity of the PCU and what divides Albertans.

Some candidates, such as former finance minister Todd Loewen, insist about rebuilding party unity with a more collaborative leader.

Leela Aheer, who was kicked out of Jason Kenney's Cabinet a a year old, for criticizing his handling of the pandemic, wants to restore the confidence of Albertans in the Conservative government. She also believes that a leader must receive the support, respect and cooperation of his party members.

The second and final debate will take place on August 30 in Edmonton.

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