First Kill: what is the new LGBTQIA+ vampiric series worth on Netflix? [VERDICT]


First Kill: What is the new LGBTQIA+ vampire series worth on Netflix? [VERDICT]

Somewhere between Twilight and Romeo and Juliet, make way for a new romantic and vampiric series from Netflix: First Kill. The platform unveiled a first season this Friday, June 10. So what are these first episodes worth? Here is our verdict.

After Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood or even The Vampire Diaries, Netflix unveils a new vampiric and 100% romantic series. Love stories, fights and suspense, everything is there to please vampire fans. Because yes, they are still in fashion even after the end of Twilight. An unnamed fascination for years. And in this new teen show available on the streaming platform since this Friday, June 10, we follow the adventures of two teenage girls whose everything is opposite. In particular their family, natural enemies since always. Ironically, one of the two heroines is called… Juliette! A young high school vampire who meets Calliopeand falls under his spell at first sight. It was without knowing that the latter was actually a hunter of monsters, therefore of vampires. A forbidden lesbian relationship that modernizes the genre, while taking up the codes that we already know. The nods to the classics are indeed present. And they don't just refer to Romeo and Juliet. First Kill is heavily inspired by The Vampire Diaries, cult fantasy series.

A teen drama that works quite well, so fast is the pace. From the first images, First Kill plunges us directly into the heart of the matter. A sex scene and hot kisses, mystical and distressing music, a reddish atmosphere… the perfect cocktail for a vampiric series. And if its rather childish plots are aimed at a fairly adolescent audience, just like its protagonists, they still work thanks to the originality of the characters. Without counting on rather convincing actors in their respective roles. Particularly Sarah Catherine Cook, the interpreter of Juliet, and Imani Lewis who plays the role of Calliope. The chemistry of the two characters pierces the screen and the duo works wonderfully. We believe in their relationship, their forbidden love story. But a little too fast however… A love at first sight which arrives far too suddenly and which does not give the spectators time to use their imagination. However, the sequence of events proves to us why such speed was necessary. Juliet and Calliope are connected after Juliet bites the one she loves.

First Kill revolutionizes the vampiric genre

Whether it's Twilight or The Vampire Diaries, high school kids live in another world. There is always a girl who feels out of place, with a big family drama or who falls in love with the creepiest guy in high school. First Kill is different. Not only is it a same-sex relationship, the first time the LGBTQIA+ dimensiontakes shape in the genre. But the characters aspire to be “normal”, also a first. To free themselves from their family obligations, that is their goal. Something that we are not used to seeing at all. And it feels good ! A totally revisited genre to which we adhere, because more in line with our era. It was time ! Adolescence is perfectly represented there. Between discovery of sexuality, quest for identity and family quarrels, the characters travel through their youth as they should. They learn to evolve in a rather classic way. Apart from monsters and murderous impulses. Their first respective assassination symbolizes the transition to adulthood. As the ferry might mean in our world. Well, some sequences are still a little nunuches. But after all, that’s what we love about teen romantic shows, right?