First Kill: Will Calliope forgive Juliet? Our theories [SPOILERS]


First Kill: Will Calliope Forgive Juliet? Our theories [SPOILERS]

First Kill landed on Netflix on June 10. A vampiric LGBTQIA+ romance that has thrilled more than one. But several questions arise after finishing season 1. In particular if Calliope will end up forgiving Juliette. Here are our theories. Warning, spoilers!

Netflix has struck again with the arrival of a new LGBTQIA+ vampiric series, First Kill .The story of a teenage gay romance in Savannah, USA. Like Romeo and Juliet, the two heroines are caught in the middle of family disputes. Juliet, vampire, and Calliope, monster hunter, fall in love. Much to the despair of their respective families. Natural enemies, they will have to find a way to be together, no matter what. Unfortunately, everything opposes them and the task is much more difficult than it seems. Throughout this first season, Juliette and Calliope remain united against all odds, whatever the price. But their story doesn't quite go as planned. In the eighth and last episode of this first season, Juliette commits the irreparable against the one she loves.

Apollon and Théo, the brothers by Calliopewanted to confront Ellinor, Juliet's sister, for answers. Unfortunately, the encounter turned tragic when Apollo ends up accidentally stabbing Théo. Believing him dead, Calliope and his brother return home. To their surprise, Theo is at the table with their parent. But it turns out he was turned by a vampire. The Burns Familybeing in the most total incomprehension, Juliette ends up admitting that she is responsible for Theo's transformation. An action that Calliope of course did not appreciate, far from it. So much so that she took it as a heavy betrayal on the part of her beloved. So, if a Season 2 sees the light of day on Netflix, will the monster hunter finally forgive the chosen one of her heart? Some clues may already reveal the rest of this young idyll as passionate as it is destructive.

Calliope already ready to forgive Juliette in First Kill?

First Kill heavily references William Shakespeare’s work, Romeo and Juliet. Although the end is very tragic, the two protagonists remain united and in loveuntil the end. We can assume that it will be the same for Calliope and Juliet. Moreover, at the end of the eighth episode, we see the monster hunter running with a determined step, as if her destination was already well known. Would she be joining Juliette to forgive her after trying to stab her a second time? We can assume that Calliope is already ready to move on. Without counting on their connection link which does not seem to have been completely broken. Conversely, we can also assume that a potential Season 2 will feature an all-out war between the Fairmonts and the Burns. Battle in which Juliet and Calliope will face each other. Anyway, this romance does not seem to be over, quite the contrary, according to the tears of the two young girls in the last episode.