First, the heat reaches almost 40 degrees, and then a dangerous break in the weather. What the next days will bring us


What weather should I expect in the coming days?

 First, heat reaching almost 40 degrees, and then a dangerous break in the weather. What will the next days bring us

As reported by the” Super Express “portal, unfortunately meteorologists don't have the best news for us. High temperatures await us, which will dangerously approach the record ones. In places, thermometers will show up to 39 degrees. Behind him it will get colder, dangerous storms with hail and strong gusts of wind will pass over our country. Get to know the details!

Heat over Poland

Masses of hot air came over Poland. Meteorologists predict the culmination of the heat on Thursday. On July 21, thermometers are to show 38 degrees, and locally even 39 degrees – this is what the inhabitants of the Lower Silesian and Greater Poland voivodeships can see. Unfortunately, the heat will end with violent storms, accompanied by strong winds and hail.

There is an atmospheric front above Germany, which disturbs the weather strongly over Poland. Already in the afternoon and evening hours, it will sound in the western part of the country. During the night, storms will move deeper into the country. According to IMWM forecasts, the highest rainfall is expected in the coast and Pomerania – there it can drop from 15 to even 20 l/m2.

Such amount of rainfall may lead to flooding of buildings and expensive. Damage can also be caused by hail, which can reach a diameter of up to 4 cm. Wind can reach speeds of up to 75 km/h. It is worth considering not to park under trees.

The tropical mass of hot air will be gradually pushed out of our country by the influx of polar-sea air, which will bring us relief. It is worth noting that the higher temperature values ​​will remain with the inhabitants of central, southern and western Poland for a longer time – it will get colder there only on Sunday.

How do you cope with hot weather?


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