Fish from Acadian Peninsula farm decimated by power outage

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Les fish from a farm on the Acadian Peninsula decimated by a power outage

Power outages caused the death of hundreds of fish at Pisciculture acadienne, in Bas-Caraquet.

A power outage caused by extreme weather that hit New Brunswick on Saturday caused major damage to a fish farm in the Acadian Peninsula.

We lost 95% of our fish herd, said Sunday Emmanuel Chiasson, owner of the company Pisciculture acadienne Limitée.

From 95,000 to 100,000 fish, Arctic char, died the prolonged power outage in Bas-Caraquet, says the entrepreneur.

He estimates the value of the losses at $600,000 or more.

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Power outages caused the death of hundreds of fish at Pisciculture acadienne, in Bas-Caraquet.

Cold records were broken in New Brunswick on Saturday, which caused blackouts.

We had a power outage and the generator failed despite it' is a generator maintained weekly, Mr. Chiasson explained.

The cold caused it to shut down continuously, he said. The cold got the better of the electronic components.

This is obviously a blow for this company which employs several workers. Such breeding takes years to develop, according to its owner.

The fish that survived are the small fish, said Emmanuel Chiasson. The big ones, it can take two years to get a production back.

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In Bas-Caraquet, the owner of Pisciculture acadienne estimates that a hundred thousand arctic char died.

The facilities are insured, but the livestock was not insured, Chiasson said, due to deterrent costs from insurance companies as the previous owner made claims. We could not reinsure ourselves.

Power outages are commonplace in the sector, says Emmanuel Chiasson. They occur regularly, especially because of the winds. This is why the company uses generators. We have always had a lot of problems in Bas-Caraquet.

I don't know if there is anything that can be done at the network level. We are talking about increases for New Brunswick Power, rate increases. I hope that these increases, there is a good part that will go to improve the reliability of the network, concluded the businessman on Sunday.

With information from Babatundé Lawani