Five months in prison for an educator in a school daycare service

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Five months in prison for an educator in a school daycare service

Mélanie Gagnon heard her sentencing at the Alma courthouse.

The atmosphere was tense Wednesday morning at the Alma courthouse during the sentencing of Mélanie Gagnon.

Originally from Alma, this former educator in a school daycare service will have to serve five months behind bars for having sexual contact with a 12-year-old boy in 2020.

Mélanie Gagnon burst into tears upon hearing her sentencing.

I don't understand why you're not prepared for this, Judge Sonia Rouleau replied in the courtroom. x27;hearing.

As an aggravating factor, the magistrate retained the fact that Mélanie Gagnon was in a position of authority and that she took advantage of the vulnerability of a young person.< /p>

Ms. Gagnon, who was 34 at the time, admitted to having kissed the child four times in November and December 2020 while she was in charge. The relationship between her and the young boy had begun in a school in Lac-Saint-Jean, but it had become more intimate outside the walls of the establishment.

The teenager, who had fallen in love with her, confided in a relative. The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) then opened an investigation.

During the sentencing, the woman burst into tears and explained that her daughter was not aware of the legal proceedings.

Ms. Gagnon's relatives expressed their displeasure in the courtroom, notably staring at the victim all the way to the outside and shouting at the exit.

This situation was deplored as much by the lawyer of the defence, Me Jean-Marc Fradette, and by the criminal and penal prosecuting attorney, Me Amélie Gilbert.

There is frustration, these are emotions, but it is not acceptable. I myself do not tolerate that, and I always tell people not to behave like that. But, it seems, they did not take my advice on this, said Mr. Fradette.

I think it is like the legal proceedings that have taken place in recent months. Now, it is sure that it is a decision which causes many collateral victims, the judge mentioned it in her decision. I think society as a whole loses when a crime like this is committed. So the reaction in the room, I believe, is probably a reflection of the reaction of society as a whole to this crime, said Mr. Gilbert.

The defense was asking for 90 days in jail and 240 hours of community service.

The Crown was instead asking for six to nine months in jail.

Judge Rouleau ruled by emphasizing the seriousness of the acts but acknowledging that Mélanie Gagnon pleaded guilty, that she collaborated and that she had no criminal record.

Her contact with the children is now restricted and she will no longer be able to practice her profession as an educator.

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