Flights resume at Billy Bishop Airport after suspicious object is neutralized

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Flights resume at Billy Bishop Airport after suspicious object is neutralized

Toronto's Billy Bishop Airport is located on one of the islands of the Queen City and provides quick access to downtown Toronto via a tunnel or ferry.

Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto reopened Sunday morning after being evacuated the day before due to the discovery of a possible explosive device, which was neutralized by police. Two suspects have been arrested, according to law enforcement.

Specialized officers from the Toronto Police Service successfully carried out a controlled explosion of the device on Saturday evening, which had been spotted hours earlier on a bicycle near the ferry terminal.

The police did not provide further information on what was found at the scene.

However, two people are in custody and are cooperating with the investigation, according to Inspector Joseph Albanese.

Flights had been suspended for the evening. In particular, two Air Canada flights were redirected to Hamilton.

The area had been evacuated as a precaution, including passengers in waiting rooms.

Police said buses had been brought in to take part in the x27;evacuation.

We ended up setting off the fire alarms in all nearby buildings to get people out, Officer Laura Brabant said in an emailed statement .

Passengers inside the airport reported seeing six heavily armed police officers in tactical gear enter the terminal and proceed to an upper floor, away from the crowds gathered near the exits.

Several roads were temporarily closed during the defusing operation.

An exercise had take place today between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in order to test emergency procedures, communication and organization in the event of security incidents. A police spokesperson, however, said the incident was unrelated to this exercise.

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