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Floods in Pas-de-Calais: double vigilance and new floods

“Floods in Pas-de-Calais: double vigilance and new floods this Monday?”

Pas-de-Calais is once again placed on orange alert for rain-flooding and high water this Monday, November 20. Precipitation risks reactivating the rise in water levels after three days of recession.

In addition to the active orange rain-flood vigilance in Pas-de-Calais, there is a new orange flood vigilance. The department was benefiting from a lull and saw the floods progress for three days, but the return of precipitation this Monday, November 20, made it worse. once again raise the risk of rivers overflowing.

The rain-flood warning is in effect until 2019. 1 p.m. this Monday. The predicted precipitation is not exceptional for the season, but its consequences “remain difficult to predict”. "evaluate" given the saturation of the soil with water after two weeks of flooding, warns Météo France. The rains will increase in intensity This may increase throughout the morning but should diminish significantly in the early afternoon. Already 5 to 10 mm of water fell in the south of the department and the expected accumulations are between 10 and 20 mm in just three hours.

Not particularly violent, the rains will still "generate further significant increases in levels on the waterways of Pas-de-Calais" according to the Vigicrues agency. "Levels of harmful overflows should be reached gradually over time. from mid-afternoon on the upstream parts, and from mid-afternoon onwards. from Monday evening on the parts further downstream" she specifies. Six rivers in Pas-de-Calais are affected by orange vigilance: the Liane, the Hem, the Aa, the Lys upstream – Laquette, the Lawe – Clarence upstream and the Canche.

More than 200 municipalities classified as natural disasters

205 were classified as natural disasters after the floods observed in Hauts-de-France: 181 in Pas-de-Calais and 24 in the North. This figure is, however, not definitive since all the affected municipalities had not yet submitted their declarations. file or had to complete the latter at the same time. the date of publication of the description in the Official Journal. Emmanuel Macron had promised that all municipalities which request it will be recognized as victims of a natural disaster.

The floods which began November 6 left many victims: the homes of 10,000 people were destroyed. affected according to a regional elected official cited in by Le Parisien. In addition to thousands of homes, 160 businesses, 130 businesses and 53 farms were destroyed. flooded. Five people were killed. injured. The head of state announced on November 14 the establishment of an emergency support fund of 50 million euros to "face the first expenses" in the municipalities affected by the floods.

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