Floods leave 11 dead in Iran

  • There are also 13 missing due to heavy rainfall affecting the south of the country

Floods leave eleven dead in Iran

At least eleven people have deceased and 13 are missing due to the floods caused by heavy rains in Fars province, in southern Iran. “Unfortunately as a result of this fact, eleven people from our province have lost their lives and 13 people are missing. The search operation continues,” reported the General Director of Crisis Management of the Government of Fars, Khalil Abdulahi, in statements collected by the Fars News agency.

According to preliminary information, a total of 55 people suffered an accident as a result of this flood and were rescued by rescue and military forces. Likewise, Abdulahi added that “as soon as this natural disaster occurred, (authorities) and rescue forces were dispatched to the accident site to investigate the details of the incident.”


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