Florida: Ron DeSantis tests measures that look like a presidential program

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Florida:  Ron DeSantis tests presidential agenda-like measures /p><source srcset=

Ron DeSantis has announced some highly controversial measures for his state. (File photo)

'You ain't seen nothing yet': Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who openly flirts with a 2024 presidential bid, on Tuesday unveiled a new set of highly controversial measures for his state, with accents of political program for the United States.

Draconian reduction in access to abortion, relaxation of gun laws, offensive against young transgender people… The Republican has pledged to make his state a laboratory of ideas conservatives, hoping they will propel him to the White House.

Florida is at the forefront of the battle for freedom, he said from the rostrum of the Florida State Capitol just before elected officials begin their work.

This 60-day session will be largely devoted to enforcing the Republican governor's agenda, after which observers expect Ron DeSantis to officially declare his candidacy for 2024.

The conservative governor, a Catholic who embodies authority and traditional values, is seen as Donald Trump's biggest rival for the Republican nomination. He has made his fight against politicians, companies and professors whom he describes as woke a trademark.

Clearly, the forty-year-old accuses a group of elites of imposing their progressive ideology on a society that refuses it and he is committed to making his state a bulwark.

In the coming weeks, Sunshine State elected officials will study a text to further restrict the teaching of subjects relating to sexual orientation in school. Schools must provide quality education, not political indoctrination, argued Ron DeSantis on Tuesday.

The governor also called for limiting access to treatment for minors transgender.

“Children should not be guinea pigs for science experiments.

— Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida

He also reiterated his opposition to abortion as elected officials introduced a bill to ban abortion. x27; voluntary termination of pregnancy after six weeks.

The White House has strongly criticized the bill, saying it believes it would virtually eliminate a woman's right to control her body.

All these texts have a very good chance of being adopted given the enormous influence that this 44-year-old Republican enjoys on his party, which has the majority in both houses of Parliament in Florida.

And they will continue to provide the governor with the media attention that many presidential candidates would dream of.

However, Ron DeSantis resists stepping into the arena prematurely and facing mano a mano Donald Trump.

Instead, the former congressman embarked on a grand tour of the country, keen to cultivate his political capital beyond his state's borders.

“We are the number one destination for our fellow Americans seeking a better life. »

— Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida

Over the next few weeks, he will continue to promote his memoir, which attests to the governor's eyes on the White House. They are aptly dubbed The Courage to Be Free – Florida as a Model for Righting America.

Donald Trump, who is currently leading the race in the polls, has nevertheless begun to launch the first salvoes in the direction of its potential future rival.

Donald Trump leads in the polls on the Republican side. (File photo)

Florida has been doing well for many years, long before Ron la Morale moved there! he thus launched Tuesday morning, decking him out with one of his famous nicknames.

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