Fluffy Supermodels: Top 5 Most Photogenic Cat Breeds


    Furry supermodels: top 5 most photogenic cat breeds

    Each of these breeds has characteristics that make them perfect for photography.

    Cats are one of the most popular animals to photograph, and frames with these cute creatures consistently cheer up and touch. Focus collected the most beautiful cat breeds, learned about their character traits and what makes them real supermodels in the animal world.

    Bengal cat

    Bengal cats are a rare exotic breed and one of the most expensive. They have the genes of an Asian leopard, which gives them a unique coat color, as well as rosette markings. These are jagged dark circles or spots, typical of leopards and jaguars, and among domestic cats, unique to the Bengal breed. The most expensive Bengal cats have silver-spotted, mink-spotted and silver-marble colors. They can cost over $2,750 for kittens and $800 for adult cats.

    The said breed boasts a slender and muscular body that is much larger than most other cats. It is also an intelligent cat with an exceptional memory. Not surprisingly, Bengals are good hunters and love to catch birds, mice and squirrels when the opportunity arises. They love water and climbing, so they need a lot of space to be comfortable.

    The Bengal cat has a wild look, but a domestic disposition. She is great at communicating and able to learn tricks and basic commands. For example, she can be taught to “sit” or “lie down.” Some Bengal cats even learn to “high five”.

    These cats are loyal but require attention. You can’t call them affectionate, but they love to communicate with a person.

    In view of the unique exotic appearance, Bengal cats look spectacular in photos and videos, looking status and very expensive. And nice, of course.

    Fluffy Supermodels: Top 5 Most Photogenic Cat Breeds

    Russian Blue

    This breed is one of the most beautiful in the world. Russian Blues boast a silky-smooth double coat of thick, silvery fur with a distinctive blue tint. They have small jet-black noses and large curious green eyes that add cuteness to them.

    Russian Blues have an incredibly unique temperament that can only be described as quirky. At first, they are quite shy around strangers, but when they open up, they become incredibly affectionate, playful and more than a little cheeky.

    It is a sad historical fact that the Russian Blue was once hunted for its prized hide because it was incredibly soft. Fortunately, this practice is now a thing of the past.

    Fluffy supermodels: top 5 most photogenic cat breeds

    Persian cat

    Persian cats are often referred to as the Ferraris of the cat world and are almost universally regarded as one of the most beautiful breeds. Their long fur coats represent elegance and luxury. Persians are quite demanding in care. Owners need to keep their coat clean, removing tangles and cleaning the fur from small debris, since the Persian cat itself cannot maintain its coat in perfect condition.

    The coat of the Persian cat is not its only distinguishing feature. She also has a unique muzzle, which has a somewhat flattened shape, huge eyes and tiny ears. In addition, her body has a cute roundness.

    The features of the Persian's face make it not only cute, but also cause certain breathing problems. Because of this, the breed is sometimes called “fur furniture”: it is not an active cat and gets tired pretty quickly. It is also prone to poor drainage of tears, so owners will need plenty of eye wipes to keep them clean.

    As for their character, these cats behave like representatives of blue bloods and are a little relaxed. They will not demand attention, but are obedient and sweet. On the other hand, Persian cats love to be petted and cuddled.

    Fluffy Supermodels: Top 5 Most Photogenic Cat Breeds

    Exotic Shorthair

    This breed is very similar to Persian cats in character and body features. In fact, this is a cross between an American Shorthair and a Persian cat.

    The fur of the Exotic Shorthair is like plush and very soft, requiring no special care. The muzzle of the cat is tender, and the body is round. However, the exotic shorthair is livelier than the Persian.

    Breeders first bred exotic cats to keep the signature silver color of the Persian cat. The exotic would be called “sterling”. Nature, however, got her way, and today there are all kinds of exotic shorthair cats in silver, smoky, shaded, solid, gold, two-tone, tabby and patterned.

    Fluffy Supermodels: Top 5 Most Photogenic Cat Breeds

    Siamese cat

    Siamese cats are smart, charming and beautiful. They are dog-like loyal and love their owners. The most prominent features of Siamese cats include an elegant, flexible body, long legs and a short, shiny coat. But most of all, their blue eyes attract attention.

    At birth, Siamese kittens have white fluffy hair. After a year of life, she begins to acquire a chocolate, lilac, sea or blue color. Like Maine Coons, Siamese cats are also a vocal breed, as they love to meow and communicate. They literally scream for attention from the owner and will never suffer alone if there is a potential companion nearby.

    If you are away most of the day, get two Siamese cats to have fun and keep each other busy. You can buy them scratching posts and lots of toys. These cats are so smart that they can learn to get toys on their own when they want to play.

    Probably needless to say how popular these cats are as models for filming.

    Fluffy Supermodels: Top 5 Most Photogenic Cat Breeds


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