Folk omens about money that rich people listen to


September 13, 2021, 19:14 | Business

Why put coins on the windowsill.

Folk omens about money that rich people listen to

There are many superstitions related to money. And few people think that even rich people follow them. After all, to find financial well-being, work alone is not enough. Listen to folk omens, perform a magical ritual — and you will notice how your financial energy is activated, informs Ukr.Media.

Attracting wealth

Magic rites bestow luck and open up new opportunities. But for the magic to work, you need to adjust your thoughts and emotions correctly. Esotericists believe that if you are constantly oppressed by thoughts of a lack of funds, then you are doomed to failure. When resorting to rituals, maintain a positive mindset and act.

Money Tree

Tovstyanka is a magnet for the energy of wealth. To attract luck and prosperity, when planting a plant, throw three coins into the pot. Say: "as coins remain underground, the energy of wealth is given to a tree, so money in my house multiplies, does not transfer.

To strengthen financial circulation, take a penny from each amount earned and place it near the trunk of a tree or on a saucer from a flower pot. Every time you receive a new income, replace the penny.

To invite luck and profit into the house, tie three Chinese yuan or Spanish pesetas with a red thread, hang it on a money tree. Coins need to be changed periodically so that money comes faster and more often.

Safe place

Windows and doors are places where money energy enters. . To prevent money from being transferred in the house, put a few yellow coins on the windowsill and under the mat near the front door.

Do not leave money on the dinner table: everything you earn will be eaten. You should also not put pennies on the bed. It is believed that people will get sick, and the money will go to medicine.


Mirrors accumulate and multiply the energy of objects that are displayed in them. To increase income, leave an open wallet with bills by the mirror overnight and scatter a few pennies next to it. After the ritual, this money must be spent as soon as possible. By paying with spoken bills and pennies, you will attract financial success.

Full Moon

Magic rites held during the full moon have special power.

So that finances are attracted to you, on the night of full moon, take the things you wear most often, put three coins in one pocket, and a magnet in the other. After that, light the candle and let it burn completely.

In the full moon, you can speak a talisman for wealth. Take a penny, bring it to your lips and say: “As the full moon rises on this night, so may this coin attract its “brothers”. There will be money coming, never ending, I will get rich quickly. Let what is said come true!». The promised coin cannot be spent or given into other people's hands. It should be placed in a wallet for three months.

One of the most effective is the “Money Rain” rite. Take 50 coins of different denominations, boil them for a few minutes to get rid of dirt and other people's energy. On the night of the full moon, shower yourself with coin rain.


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