Folk signs of trade that will help attract buyers


December 12, 2019, 19:09 | Business

Superstitions for sale.

Folk trade signs that will help attract buyers

They say , that there are no people more superstitious than actors. This is what those who did not communicate with the sellers think. They have a whole arsenal of rituals that help attract buyers. Some signs for sale will be revealed in this article. However, many professional tricks negotiators continue to hide, informs Ukr.Media.

Signs of a successful trade

The presence of buyers is the cornerstone of an entrepreneur's success. For people who listen to folk wisdom, the one who opens the trading day first is especially important.

Money received from a spouse or child must be spent over the counter, goods and cash register. It is good if the assignment is of a large denomination. Therefore, the product will sell out quickly. But the fee received from the woman is recommended to be put away so as not to be mixed with the rest of the bills. Otherwise, luck may turn away from the merchant.

It is customary to haggle with the first buyer, give him a discount or weigh the goods a little more than necessary. But there is no need to quarrel, argue and fight. This is a sure sign that there will be a shortage at the end of the work shift.

In both a practical and an esoteric sense, it is important for a salesperson to think through the wardrobe before going to work. Saying: "Meet by clothes" has a magical connotation. Clean, simple, but elegant clothes will help attract more buyers.

Every person has a "happy thing". It is worn to attract luck to one's side. But be careful, too frequent washing will destroy the magical properties and turn the talisman back into an ordinary wardrobe item.

Alms and a talisman for successful trade

Oddly enough, in order to increase profits, you must first lose money. The boomerang law always works. On your way home, after closing the outlet, be sure to give a few bills to the first beggar you meet.

Make a rule not to count the winnings in the evening. Firstly, it is easy to make mistakes in calculations after a hard day, and secondly, superstitions recommend doing it in the morning, before the start of the shift.

There are several tricks to ensure that income always grows.

Choose a large bill and put it under the rug at home three days before the full moon appears. As soon as the satellite of the Earth goes into decline, the money is put back in the wallet, and until the next cycle it will bring good luck.

There is another option for creating a talisman. Drill holes in three coins, thread a red string through them. It should always be with you: in the form of a pendant or keyring, in a purse, in a pocket or around the neck. It is important to periodically sift through these pennies in your hands, to think about profits. Thus, they will be charged with energy.

Other signs for sale

There are superstitions that can be combined into separate categories. They are similar to “one-line” advice, but they do not lose their relevance:

  • You should not pick up a scattered trifle. When exchanging for coins, you risk losing a profitable client.

  • Put a couple of pennies under the scales. This brings success.

  • Don't let colleagues touch the product if they don't want to buy it.

  • A good seller leaves the market last.

  • Timely fill the vacated places in the window. This will not only emphasize your professionalism, but also attract new customers.

  • Be careful with money. Fold them flat, the same, store in a dry place. Then they will want to come back to you.

  • The first salary becomes a talisman. It is not spent or exchanged.

  • For good sales, you can lure customers by scattering small change near the counter.

  • Broom , which are used to clean the trading hall, must be placed down with the handle. Then the profit will not “escape”.

  • Don't take the banknotes out of your hands, do everything through a special stand or simply through the table.

This is just a small list of signs for sale that exist among traders. They try to catch luck in any way. Some succeed. Even experienced dealers who deny involvement in superstitions still carry the first earned ruble in their wallet. And they thank him for prosperity.


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