Follow these rules and money will come to you in large quantities


30 May 2022, 22:00 | Business

They have been tested by several generations of people and bring the best effect.

Follow these rules and money will come to you in large quantities

Money is energy that flows according to special rules and laws. In this article, we share the rules of interaction with flows of monetary energy, informs Ukr.Media.

In the explanations for each rule, you will learn more about the metaphysics of money. This will help you to better understand the nature of cash flows, and consciously manage them through your behavior.

Rule 1. Pamper yourself

During the times of the USSR, we were taught: "I is the last letter in the alphabet& #34;. Actively promoted life for the sake of other people, for the sake of party ideals. As a result, we have several generations of deeply unhappy 'happy citizens'. The second law of attraction for money says: “money comes when it gives you comfort and pleasure”.

If money does not bring pleasure, then it does not come.

When money does not bring joy, you yourself (consciously and unconsciously) avoid it, push it out of your life.

This is where education “slips us a pig”! On the one hand, we want to be rich, dress well, travel a lot and rest. But, on the other hand, our upbringing tells us to be modest, to live for others, to sacrifice ourselves for the good of other people, for children, for a husband, for family, for friends – you don't need money personally, it doesn't bring you joy .

This state of affairs must be changed! Right now, ask yourself: “What do I want?''. Let it be something insignificant, but pleasant for the soul. Maybe it's a small chocolate bar, or a cup of coffee, or a new piece of jewelry, or something from clothes. Pamper yourself. Do this regularly. Let part of your income be directed to the pleasure of owning money. Thus, we allow ourselves to want (it attracts money) and enjoy money (it also attracts money).

Important! Increase the amount of self-indulgence gradually, taking your time. It may happen that you buy yourself an expensive thing with all the money, or there is not enough money, and you borrow or take out a loan. This happens when you deny yourself for a long time and then you “break down” to make up for all the past years.

Rule 2. Accept money with joy and gratitude

The second law of money says: money comes when it gives you comfort and pleasure.

The law is simple and inviolable: “money comes when it gives you comfort and pleasure''.

If money brings joy and satisfaction, it will come again and again. Your whole being attracts money. The more pleasure money brings you, the more you attract it.

When you are given, transferred, given, gifted, paid money – rejoice and thank the giver. Even if you are being refunded the overdue debt, still say “Thank you'' and rejoice in the fact that the money is back.

Rule 3. Skip Divine grace through your hands

Give good to other people. Do good deeds. Applying all the previous rules, your income has probably increased and you have started to be given gifts – share a part of your income with those who need it. Donate part of the money to a God-pleasing cause or charity. Help homeless children or orphans.

Give money by using the "creative impulse".

By sending you money, the divine is expecting, that part of this money, through your hands, will go to those who need God's help.

Remember: “God has no other hands but yours''.< /p>

Accept the money from above and redirect part of it to good causes. Help God help people and he will help you get everything you want. The more you give, the more you get.


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