Follow these two simple rules and your geraniums will pay off with a beautiful flowering


What should you remember when caring for geraniums?

 Follow these two simple rules and your geraniums will be rewarded with a beautiful flowering

According to the” O2 “portal, geraniums have been very popular for years. You can see them on many balconies. Many choose them not only for their beautiful appearance, but also because they are quite simple to grow. To delight the whole season. just remember two simple rules. What?

Geraniums king on balconies

Geraniums are very popular among people with balconies. Not only do they have beautiful flowers, they bloom very long and are relatively easy to grow. It is enough to follow two simple rules to please the eye with these unique plants.

Geraniums love the sun, which is not surprising considering the fact that they came to us from Africa. So let's take care of a sunny position for them. You can also plant them in shade, although this may be reflected in their weaker flowering. Geraniums don't really like coolness, so they will cope well in sunny places.

 Use these two simple-rules and your geraniums will pay off with beautiful flowering

It is worth ensuring that our geraniums have enough space. When placing them in a pot, you should provide them with an appropriate distance from each other, amounting to approx. 20 cm.

Fertilization and watering

For profusely flowering geraniums, it is essential to water and fertilize them. On hot days, the plants should be watered twice – in the early morning hours and in the evening. Of course, if we miss watering, the plant will be fine because it has a certain amount of water in the leaves. However, the drought should not last too long.

It is worth removing the dry flowers and other parts of the plant. Thanks to this, we will be able to extend the flowering period. Then we can expect a flower until the first frost occurs.

 Use these two simple-rules and your geraniums will repay with beautiful flowering

Did you choose geraniums too?


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