Food products that are not worth buying even at very attractive promotional prices


May 15, 2022, 12:35 | Business

They can do more harm than good.

Food products, which should not be bought even at very attractive promotional prices

The prices of absolutely everything are rising, which cannot please anyone. A person is looking for ways that will help him save, he tries to buy everything as cheaply as possible, informs Ukr.Media.

He is especially attentive to the prices of products, he tries to buy only the food he needs, as well as the which is on sale. In itself, the idea of ​​visiting sales is not so bad, but its implementation should be approached with caution.

There are products that should not be bought even at very attractive promotional prices. There are several of them.

Packaged juice

You don't need to do any research to understand that this drink is not natural . You can pour juice from a bag into one glass, and freshly squeezed juice into another.

The difference will be visible to the naked eye. There is nothing useful in store-bought juice, it only contains dyes, preservatives and a huge amount of sugar.

Washed lettuce leaves in a package

< p>Many people buy it, considering it clean, which does not need to be washed. But you should not be tempted and think that everything is simple.

On such lettuce leaves there can be various bacteria, even salmonella, which is very dangerous. You will still have to wash the leaves, so the result will be that the payment was made only for the packaging.

Cleaned vegetables in vacuum packaging

< p>There is nothing harmful about them, but you shouldn't buy them anyway. The thing is that even on a promotion they are very expensive.

It is better to buy unpeeled vegetables, wash them yourself, and prepare them for consumption. It will take only a few minutes, and it will help you save a huge amount of money.

Coffee 3 in 1

Natural coffee in this drink none at all. Only flavoring to give the appropriate aroma present in it.

Also in such a "coffee" many harmful additives, a huge amount of sugar. It is better to buy ground coffee, cream, brew all this and enjoy the taste of a quality drink.


Cheeses and meats You should never take clear cuts. The thing is that they put the products that have been lying around for a sufficient amount of time.

The expiration date on the cuts is when the products remained. In a word, it is not possible to understand whether they are suitable now or whether they have not spoiled.

All this should not be bought even at very attractive prices, there is no benefit from the above products, but they can cause significant harm.< /p>


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