Food products that contribute to the restoration of the cartilage tissue of the joints


April 7, 2021, 14:07 | Medicine

Joints are moved smoothly thanks to cartilage tissue, and one of the causes of joint pain is its wear and tear.

Food products that contribute to the restoration of cartilage tissue of joints

Regeneration of cartilage directly depends on human nutrition. Since the main part of cartilage is collagen, the diet should include products that contain lysine amino acids, they are indispensable for its regeneration, informs Ukr.Media.

To reduce the likelihood of joint inflammation and cartilage wear, you should regularly eat pomegranates and drink their juice. Pomegranate juice should be natural, not a preservative with dyes.

Almonds promote the restoration of cartilage tissue. Almonds ensure the mobility of the joints, because they contain irreplaceable antioxidants, vitamin E, as well as Omega 3. A few pieces of almonds a day will help to avoid problems with the joints.

Garlic has unique positive properties for the joints. It has a high concentration of vitamins, sulfur and other trace elements. This product should be used 3-4 times a week.

Systematic inclusion of onion cultures in the diet ensures the health of the joint apparatus.

Turmeric and ginger root have a very beneficial effect on cartilage tissue. . These spices have an anti-inflammatory effect. Ginger and turmeric, in a ratio of 0.5:1 (about teaspoons), can save you from pain in the joints. Also, painful sensations help to remove cherries and cherries. These berries are rich in magnesium and calcium, vitamins A, groups B, E.

Since the structure of gelatin is similar to the structure of cartilage, it is indispensable for cartilage restoration.

Not the last role for joints "plays" coconut oil. It includes many essential oils that help reduce pain and inflammation.

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