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Food shortages have arisen in some countries: popcorn may disappear in US cinemas, cabbage is replaced with salad in KFC

Product shortages have arisen in some countries: popcorn may disappear in US cinemas, cabbage is being replaced in KFC

According to journalists, German breweries there are not enough beer bottles due to the lack of supplies from Ukraine, and in the British “McDonald's” they cut one wedge of a tomato instead of two.

In the past few months, there has been a shortage of familiar foods in many countries, such as lettuce in Australia, onions and salami in Japan, and even bottled beer in Germany. Companies have to look for alternatives to meet consumer demand. This is reported by Bloomberg.

As a rule, the root of the problem is not so much the lack of a product as such, but an unnecessarily stretched global supply chain. There are several reasons for this: from adverse weather conditions to a pandemic and geopolitical tensions.

For example, when German producers run out of bottles due to a lack of supplies from Ukraine or aluminum cans, this affects the ability of consumers to buy products such as beer or soda. The lack of shipping containers and labor market restrictions exacerbate the problem. The invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine cut off the supply of grain and vegetable oil – hence the sharp increase in food and energy prices.

  • Sriracha. Recently, the list of scarce goods has been replenished with sriracha, chili pepper sauce. Its manufacturer Huy Fong Foods was forced to stop production due to a shortage of peppers.
  • Popcorn in US cinemas. Americans are worried that movie theaters may get more expensive popcorn during the summer movie premiere season. There is a shortage of plastic products: lids, cups and paper bags. In addition, farmers can move away from corn and switch to more profitable crops.
  • In KFC burgers, lettuce is replaced with cabbage. In Australia, due to the shortage of lettuce in KFC restaurants, cabbage is used in burgers. A fast food industry spokesman cites supply chain disruptions due to severe flooding in parts of the country earlier in the year.
  • One tomato instead of two at McDonald's. British McDonald's ration tomatoes: instead of two, they put one slice, which is explained by the high cost of heating greenhouses where tomatoes are grown.
  • French fries in Kenya. In some countries, McDonald's has suspended the sale of large French fries because problems in the supply chain have slowed deliveries. When Kenyan KFC ran out of french fries, locals called on social media to boycott the chain's restaurants for not using local potatoes.
  • Onion. In Japan, a shortage of onions and salami has forced some eateries to remove certain dishes from the menu.

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