Food voucher 2023: towards a monthly aid of 65 euros?

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“Food voucher 2023: towards a monthly aid of 65 euros?”

Food voucher 2023 : towards a monthly aid of 65 euros ?

FOOD CHECK 2023. The government has been arrested by the Familles Rurales association on the galloping inflation that is affecting the food sector at the start of the year. What push the executive to; set up a new boost? All info.

[Updated; day March 2 2023   08:42] It's hard to say if the food voucher will see the light of day. Long awaited for more than two years, it is still waiting and the government seems to be temporizing about this desired device. by many low-income households to eat healthier food and cope with the rising prices in the food sector (inflation of 13.3%in January 2023 over one year according to INSEE). After various attempts, for the mostly discarded due to their complexity; implementation, a new track seems to hold the rope. The association Rural Families has formulated a request to the government, based on its annual Price Observatory, published Wednesday, February 22. According to the organization, a family of two adults and two children needs a minimum of 477 euros per month to eat properly. However, this amount is  65 euros   what a family living at the poverty line can afford. De facto, the association is asking the executive for monthly assistance. destination of the most modest French households in an unprecedented inflationary context.

Earlier, in November 2022, Elisabeth Borne announced the creation of a fund for sustainable food aid, worth 60 million euros. to from 2023. This great novelty could therefore replace a hypothetical food voucher, in the small papers since 2020. This fund of 60 million euros could allow "the most fragile" citizens to access to agrave; "quality food" as the government's number 2 pointed out. This sum would first make it possible to "support our major national players so that they can buy more quality products". Problem, this food check is not included in the 2023 budget. Since then, the government has not given any money. more specific information about this new device which could replace the famous food voucher, long awaited by the most modest households to access a healthier diet.

Who could benefit from the food voucher in 2023?

The fund for sustainable food aid of 60 million euros, desired by Elisabeth Borne could be managed by certain large national networks, and prefects of regions to through "local projects". “The latter” will be able to support initiatives (…) between farmers, producers who will also be able to offer short circuits for quality food. For example also setting up sustainable food vouchers since it is something that we want to be able to develop later on. nationwide", continued the head of government.

But at originally, scholarship students, beneficiaries of housing aid (APL) even if they no longer live with their parents as well as the beneficiaries of social minima such as the RSA, the ASS, the AAH, or the ASPA should have benefited from the food voucher. Finally, the latter touched the inflation bonus, or exceptional back-to-school bonus of 100 euros on September 15.

What could be the date of payment of the food check in 2023?

The possible food check corresponding to the aid of 60 million euros is not on the program of the 2023 budget. So, it is difficult to know the exact terms of this new food voucher, and of ;a potential payment date if such a formula were chosen for 2023.

If the recommendations of the Rural Families association came to pass convince the government, this "new look" could see the light of day during the year 2023. However, no exact date has yet been communicated.

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