Food waste that can be eaten

Food waste that can be eaten

Food waste is a worldwide problem with more than a third of the food available without eaters. Most people don't know, but eggshells can be turned into calcium powder, watermelon skins can be pickled to name just a few examples.



Food waste that can be eaten

Calcium-deficient people can get what they need from eggshells as they are rich in this vital mineral. And since you won't just eat the eggshells as they are, the solution is to turn the eggshells into a calcium powder that you can add directly to your daily smoothie or mix with food.


Watermelon peels.

Food waste that can be eaten

Watermelon is considered a favorite summer treat for many people, but the rind is usually thrown away. In fact, some people say that the skin of a watermelon is very similar to a cucumber in taste and texture, making it an ideal candidate for pickles.


Cauliflower leaves.

Food waste that can be eaten

Cauliflower is trending right now due to its endless cooking possibilities, but you won't see many recipes with its leaves. A good source of minerals, beta-carotene, iron and calcium, they are as tasty and versatile as the vegetable itself.


Zucchini flowers.

Food waste that can be eaten

While zucchini flowers are popular in some countries, such as Italy, the rest of the world sees them differently.


Carrot peel.

Food waste that can be eaten

We don't think twice before throwing all the carrot peels into the bin. But it is actually fragrant and rich in vitamin C.


Strawberry stems and leaves.

Food waste that can be eaten

Strawberry stems and leaves are often thrown away unfairly and people don't know that they are excluding a highly nutritious portion that is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, and neuroprotective properties. If you don't like the taste and texture, just mix everything together in your cocktail and enjoy.


Banana peel.

Food waste that can be eaten

Tossing banana peels is almost an instinctive act, and while it can be a little bitter and tough, eating it can really benefit your health as it is rich in potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Cooking banana peels with bacon is a good idea, a tasty solution that even kids will want to try.


Brown avocado.

Food waste that can be eaten

Some overripe or damaged avocados are thrown away. They may be softer, but they are still edible and can be used in almost every avocado recipe.


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