Foods that women after 50 should eat to be less likely to get sick


July 18, 2022, 14:05 | Medicine

The brighter and bigger, the more useful and healthier.

Foods to eat women after 50 years to get sick less often

It is known that women live longer than men, but at the same time they get sick more often. According to a new study by scientists from the University of Georgia (USA), age-related diseases of women can be delayed by eating bright vegetables and fruits, such as cabbage, spinach, watermelon, bell peppers, tomatoes, oranges and carrots, Ukr.Media informs.

The fact is that plant pigments contained in fruits and vegetables are especially important for eye and brain health. For example, two-thirds of cases of macular degeneration and dementia in the world occur in women.

"Women account for almost 80% of all autoimmune diseases that occur. Because of this vulnerability, women need additional preventive care,'' Billy Hammond, professor at the University of Georgia's Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

One of the biological reasons for this vulnerability is that the female body, unlike the male body, tends to accumulate vitamins and minerals. But the main supply of useful substances is concentrated in fat deposits, this is related to the function of childbirth.

Due to such an uneven distribution, vital organs such as the brain and eyes get less useful substances, which exposes women to more risk of degenerative problems. The deficiency can be filled by consuming natural pigments — carotenoids, which bright vegetables and fruits are rich in, while women need to eat more of them, the better.

"Men and women consume approximately the same amount of these carotenoids, but women's needs are much higher, – believes Billy Hammond.

In general, carotenoids can be consumed with food in the form of dietary supplements, but doctors recommend getting these substances in products, so they are easier to digest.


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