For fans of The Squid Game, a new unmissable production arrives


This is Heading to Hell, the new Netflix series that will arrive soon on the service and that promises. In the note we tell you the details.

For fans of The Squid Game, a new unmissable production has arrived

Credits: Source: Netflix Posted in ENTERTAINMENT on 6/28/2022 · 09:06 am Share this article

Netflix doesn't stop and its commitment is getting bigger and bigger, that's why it will soon incorporate a new title that promises to be a true revolution. It is Heading to Hell, a new dramatic and action-packed miniseries. 

It is worth remembering that The Squid GameIt has been Netflix's biggest success, so the leading streaming platform will once again offer its subscribers a fiction of the same nationality. So, in the next few days, Hellbound -in Spanish Heading to hell-, will arrive on the service, a dramatic thriller that seems to offer a forceful story in the style of its predecessor.

The trailer shows a fiction full of action, with a plot dark and complex that also poses metaphors and social critiques such as The squid game. In addition, this miniseries -an original production of the platform- offers a great visual display precisely because of the presence of the supernatural and the religious.

“The appearance of supernatural beings who condemn humans to hell coincides with the arrival of a religious group founded on the idea of ​​divine justice”, explains the officially released synopsis of Heading to Hell.

For fans of The squid game, a new unmissable production arrives

Source: Netflix. 

Finally, Sang-ho Yeon, known for Train to Busan, is the director in charge of the miniseries that for the moment will only have six episodes and will hit the platform on November 19 and from the company they are almost sure that it will be a success.


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