For violation of quarantine — execution: it became known as the DPRK fighting the coronavirus

За нарушение карантина — расстрел: стало известно, как в КНДР борются с коронавирусом

North Korea’s military executed a man who violated quarantine after returning from coronavirus-infected China.

It turned out that after the return of the Koreans had not fulfilled the requirement to quarantine (it was introduced in the country on 1 February for 2 weeks), and went to the public bath.

Meanwhile, North Korean authorities have extended the quarantine to the end of February, despite the fact that, according to the Daily Mail, the country recorded no cases of infection with coronavirus.

According to BBC, the death penalty is quite common in North Korea, including in 2013, the sentence for “treason” was pronounced uncle of Kim Jong UN — Jang song-theme.

Meanwhile it became known that the coronavirus СOVID-19, revealed the residents of 27 countries.

Recall that Ukraine can not evacuate from the epicenter of the spread of coronavirus of its citizens.

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