For what reasons can a cat go to sleep near the front door?


October 25, 2021, 11:36 | Animals

The cat goes to sleep by the front door for various reasons.

For what reasons a cat can go to sleep near the front door

It very often happens that a domestic cat goes to sleep on a mat near the front door. Many owners associate it with certain signs. Cats are believed to have special magical properties. Many people believe that they are able to see the other world, to establish the presence of evil forces next to a person, informs Ukr.Media.

Why is the cat lying on the mat by the front door

Most often, cats sleep in their favorite place or on their owner's bed, if they are allowed to do so. However, sometimes these animals can be seen in complete tranquility near the door. This is not quite the usual behavior of a pet. Therefore, the owners wonder what it could be.

There is no need to be afraid that the cat has laid down to rest on the mat near the door. It is likely that he is simply hot, and there is a small flow of fresh air at the door. Or the cat could smell something, hear something. This behavior is especially characteristic of those cats who are constantly at home and do not walk outside. Such behavior does not indicate bad omens at all.

It should be noted that the threshold of the front door is considered a border between equal worlds. Yes, a folk sign says that if a cat lies on the threshold, it protects the house from otherworldly forces and negative energy. and then jumped up sharply and began to hide. It is believed that it belongs to the guests. Animals often sense the approach of strangers to the house. Therefore, in such a situation, you can immediately put the kettle on the stove.

Is it true that the cat is sitting on the doorstep with the house

People believe that the rest of the cat on the doorstep is communication with the local housekeeper. In any case, the owner does not need to prevent his cat from resting where he wants. If it just gets tangled under your feet, it's better to carefully move it to another place for safety reasons.

There is a belief that a cat is the best companion of a householder. She can see him or feel him, and even communicate with him. But the house is a representative of the other world, so the threshold for it is a natural habitat. In any case, you shouldn't chase the cat off the doorstep.

If he sits there, it means that he wants to be with the housemate. This is a very favorable sign for the owners of the house. The housekeeper sitting on the threshold protects the house from the penetration of evil, so the atmosphere in the house will be favorable and calm. Probably, there is a dialogue between the housekeeper and the cat, which is inaccessible to common understanding.

Believing or not believing in such omens is a personal matter for everyone. However, the ancestors believed that there is another world, and it lives according to its own rules and laws. Therefore, not all phenomena are rationally explained, including the behavior of cats.

Folk omens about cats

There are many points that can explain the true vocation of a cat. You should pay attention to some factors:

  • a street kitten or a pregnant cat appears in a person's life to protect him from negative energy. Therefore, such an animal should be protected – it is able to cleanse the home of negativity and evil, to save it from damage;
  • if a cat lies on the doorstep of a single man or unmarried woman, it means that personal life will improve soon. Perhaps you will meet your soulmate;
  • if life has a black streak, and at this time an unknown kitten appears, it will help solve the problem. It is deliberately sent to a person to direct him to the right path;
  • if the cat has done its business at the threshold, it is not necessary to punish it immediately. This may be a sign that soon the owners will be lucky – the financial situation will improve and luck will accompany them everywhere;
  • a cat that came to someone else's doorstep to go to another world, does not portend anything bad. First of all, you need to see if it will suddenly be possible to save her. If not, don't touch it. After death, it should be buried and wished for good luck in the next world.

It is believed that if a dead cat is lying on the doorstep, then someone wishes the owner of the house evil. . It is necessary to bury the cat away from the house as soon as possible. And after that, it is better to invite the priest to clean the house.


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