For what reasons do pimples appear on the head and what can be done about it


May 15, 2022, 08:38 | Medicine

Pimples can appear on the head for various reasons.

For what reasons on the head of pimples appear and what can be done about it

You can't see them, but you feel their presence – just like in a horror movie. So that the scalp does not experience new turns of this “film tape”, do not let everything go by itself, covering the problem with a bunch of hair. This disease requires competent treatment, not games of hide and seek, informs Ukr.Media.

Why pimples on the head? A new kind of acne? If you had to ask such a question, then something is wrong with your body. Of course, the formation can be hidden under the hair cover, but this is not a solution to the problem, but only its masking. How to deal with these rashes or prevent their appearance altogether, dermatologists told.

Pimples on the head: causes

In Scientifically, acne on the scalp is called folliculitis. Inflammation of the mouth, or the entrance to the follicle, can be caused by various reasons. According to statistics, men suffer from this problem more often. There is an explanation for this.

Firstly, a short haircut does not fulfill the full protective function of the scalp. Dust, dirt, sunlight, hats, improper care – all these actions of external factors with bacteria, fungi and other pathogens affect local immunity. When it decreases, the protective function of the skin suffers, staphylococci and streptococci multiply easily, which manifest themselves as inflammatory elements on the scalp.

Pimples on the head in men can be caused by lifestyle. The stronger sex likes to play hockey, engage in extreme sports, ride a motorcycle, and everything that involves wearing helmets can be the cause of this disease. Those who like to pump up the muscles notice pimples on the head in the hair – this is connected with taking steroids.

Sometimes you can face such a problem as purulent pimples on the head. This indicates the attachment of the infection. The causative agent of this pathology can be found in the contents of the rash. Basically, it is staphylococcal streptococcus. You can get infected in an unscrupulous hairdresser, where the hygiene of combs is not monitored.

As for women, they have fewer causes of this disease: allergies to cosmetic care or wearing hats made of low-quality materials and synthetics. If the first two factors are excluded, then the problem should be studied more deeply in order to prevent serious diseases, the symptoms of which may be inflammation on the head. These can be the consequences of a previous infection, taking antibiotics, a consequence of improper nutrition, constipation and bloating. Stress also contributes to the appearance of acne, because capillary blood circulation is disturbed due to nervous tension due to vascular spasm.

Seborrhea may occur with excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, as well as untimely washing of the scalp.

Lack of vitamins A and E, taking hormonal drugs can also cause the formation of papules and abscesses.


Professional specialists — dermatologists and trichologists — will help deal with the problem. There are various methods of getting rid of the disease. Treatment is selected based on the cause of inflammation. But with all approaches, complex therapy is the key to a quick recovery. Oral antibiotics are often used. At the same time, it is necessary to treat the skin with an antiseptic and use special lotions prescribed by a doctor. The most important thing is not to contribute to the spread of the process on your own. It is necessary to remember that combing, squeezing, abrasion is a reason to spread the pathogen over the entire surface of the dermis. It is necessary to influence point by point, using medical solutions, literally cauterize every element. With a severe course of the disease, the help of a doctor is necessary.

Independent work

When we are sick, we begin to look for reasons not only in our body, but also in external factors. For example, in cosmetic care. It will be better to change the products. This will help to understand whether there was an allergic reaction to the old remedy. In addition, you can use a new shampoo that will be therapeutic. Choose with zinc – it increases local immunity and monitors the normalization of sebaceous secretion.

In order for the skin to be clean and healthy, you need to lead a proper lifestyle. If you are prone to skin diseases, follow a diet. Use quality cosmetics when caring for your scalp. Wash hats and change bedclothes in a timely manner. Process helmets, combs and other individual personal care products.


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