“Forbidden” Facts About Putin: Memories of Teacher Vera Gurevich

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  • "Forbidden" facts about Putin: memories of teacher Vera Gurevich

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"Forbidden" facts about Putin: memoirs of a teacher Vera Gurevich

Putin lived in the yard “according to wolf laws” as a child, was friends with punks, crippled a classmate, cut off the heads of tame ducks, and, once offended, sweets of his beloved teacher simply thrown out the window

Interest in Vladimir Putin is growing – as a man who unleashed a full-scale war with Ukraine for no apparent reason. It is understandable: if there were no external causes, then there were internal ones? What are these psychological motives? As the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, taught, look for the roots of problems in childhood.

Putin at school: memories of teacher Vera Gurevich

Russian journalist and publisher Andrey Malgin, who moved from Moscow to Tuscany after a raider attack on his enterprises in 2008, recently remembered a curious book called “Vladimir Putin. Parents, Friends, Teachers”.

This book was written by Vera Gurevich, Putin's favorite teacher from St. Petersburg. Memoirs published in 2004. On the whole, the book is commendable. She then reprinted many times, but became thinner and thinner. Because some of the facts from it looked less and less presentable. Now, according to Malgin, it has been completely banned from being republished. But he, as the owner of a priceless rarity, posted several excerpts that eloquently characterize young Putin.

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School years of Putin. Crippled a classmate

Vera Dmitrievna took the class to the cinema.

“After two or three minutes they looked back, and they all huddled and stood. I see: Putin is standing a little to the side, and the guys are all in a ring around K., who is lying on the ground and cannot get up. stumbled, fell unsuccessfully, it seems that he broke or sprained his leg, and the guys are all silent and stand with their eyes wide open.Some of the guys called an ambulance, tried to find out how it all happened, but they either mumbled something indistinct, or denied , they say, they did not notice how everything happened. Volodya did not fit into this group, and I suspected something different in this story, and not what they tried to explain to me …

K. had a fracture in the ankle area… The next day, having sent everyone from the class after school, she left Putin. Without asking anything, I say: “Why did you break K.'s leg?” “I just picked him up and threw him, I didn't know he was such a frail person.” I'm trying to find out the reason for the “throw”, to which Volodya replies, “Let him explain it himself.”

I told Volodya that it was not necessary to use force against K., but it was necessary to talk more convincingly . To this, my pupil replied: “Vera Dmitrievna, there are people who do not understand any words or do not want to understand. They understand only force.” It stuck in my head for years. Volodya was only 14 years old then.”

Putin shows his character. Sweets and flowers from his beloved teacher – through the window

“The duty of my class at school coincided with my birthday,” writes Vera Gurevich. “But the guys didn’t go on duty! happy birthday from all the students.Puts a huge box of sweets and a bunch of roses on the table…

“Thanks for the congratulations. Why didn't they go on duty, let me down?”

The class was dumbfounded. The silence was broken by the same Putin, who calmly said to Andreev: “Put me a box and flowers. She doesn’t need congratulations from us, and we don’t need sweets with flowers. Well, we don’t need either.” He opened the window and threw sweets and flowers into the street.”

Shpana. What was Putin's childhood like

One day, Putin's teacher “decided to see” who he was talking to and what he was doing in the yard. It was the usual yard punks: they smoked, spat, cursed, drank beer from glass cans, since at that time beer was mainly sold on tap from barrels in stalls. And indeed the teenagers were older than Volodya. The age difference was 2-3 years … If they tried to use force against him, then, regardless of his age, he climbed into the fight himself and bit into, bit into, clung to the offender, hung on the enemy like a bulldog, with a stranglehold … To the question, why he spends time among the yard punks, he usually answered: “Just like that, it can be interesting.”

From a conversation with him, I learned that when he came home after school, he was alone until five o'clock, since his mother worked somewhere in a laboratory or hospital as a cleaning lady,” writes Gurevich.

Putin's father was a worker, his mother was a cleaner. Both of them did not pay much attention to their son, who spent all his free time in the yard.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of information about this period of Putin's childhood, confirming the teacher's words.

“I remember him well in the courtyard. In elementary grades, the courtyard for Putin was a window to the world … The atmosphere there was terrible: unshaven dirty guys with port wine and cigarettes. Drinks, obscenities, fights. And Putin among all this punks” (Viktor Borisenko, school friend Putin, St. Petersburg director, from an interview with journalist and the first biographer of the President of the Russian Federation Oleg Blotsky for the book “Vladimir Putin. A Life Story”, 2002).

Putin himself confirms Borisenko's words:

“Living in the yard and being brought up in it is like living in the jungle. Very similar. Very! Street life itself is very free. Just like in the movie” Sandpit Generals “. We had the same thing. The difference was , probably only in weather conditions. It was warmer in the “Generals”, and there the guys gathered on the beach. But otherwise, what they have, what we have is absolutely the same “(Oleg Blotsky. “Vladimir Putin. Life Story”. 2002 ).

“The court existed according to the laws of the wolves. The elders ruled over the younger ones. They lived like in a zone: there were godfathers and their servants. Discipline was the strictest. was part of the company of younger guys” (from an interview with one of the Putin family's neighbors at house No. 12 in Baskovy per. to the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper on October 6, 2010).

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Putin was naturally cruel, as the case with the crippled boy shows, but he additionally “hardened” character among street bandits.

Putin's “forced” cruelty. Cut off the heads of tame ducks and go swimming

“The summer of 1969 was especially memorable for us,” recalls Vera Dmitrievna Gurevich. “Although at that time my children were no longer directly my pupils … we had a desire not to change our tradition and after they graduated from the 9th grade, we would all go camping together again “rest. This time we went to Latvia …. In Latvia, the guys fed two ducks in the lake on the shore of which they lived. Before leaving, the idea arose to eat them. But for this it was necessary to cut off the heads of the ducks, who did not suspect anything and already trusted. moved away from the place of execution …

The share of the “executioner” fell on Borisenko, he categorically refused: “Do with me what you want, but I won't chop off my head, I can't and don't want to” – “Then we will eat instead of duck”.

It was completely impossible to understand what started here: they rushed at each other, rolled on the grass, who attacked, who defended themselves.

This for a short time moved the minute of the “execution” away from the bird, but did not save it. Volodya came to the aid of a friend. He threw a blanket over himself, covering his head entirely. He said: “Bring in the unfortunate woman, lay her neck so that I, without seeing her, could cut off her head with one blow.”

After the “execution”, someone began to pluck the feathers – this must be done until the carcass cooled down, someone was preparing to gut a duck, and someone, after such heavy duties as “execution”, rushed to swim in the lake,” Gurevich recalled.

Yes, not everyone has such strong nerves to feed ducks for a long time, and then, when they begin to trust you, cut off their heads.

A competent psychologist and an ordinary reader can draw a conclusion from the book, but on the whole it is clear: if there are external reasons for the war with Ukraine, Putin was not there, then there are more than enough internal motives based on cruelty and aggression.