Forceful arrest in Campbellton: the RCMP officer will finally stand trial

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Heavy arrest in Campbellton: RCMP officer will finally stand trial

An RCMP officer was filmed appearing to punch a man during an arrest in Campbellton, New Brunswick on July 2, 2021 (on file).

After months of dithering, Pierrick Caron, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer charged with beating a man during an arrest in Campbellton in July 2021, will be finally judged.

Reversal of situation in this file. At the last hearing, in November 2022, in Campbellton Provincial Court, the Crown requested restorative justice.

Finally, the case of the RCMP officer will go to trial. He will have to answer to the assault charge against him.

The charge stems from an interaction filmed by a witness and which had been widely circulated on social media. On the images of this event which occurred in July 2021 outside a business in Campbellton, we see a policeman punching another man several times, held to the ground by a third individual.


In provincial court today, Renée Roy, the officer's lawyer, declined Crown Attorney Karen Lee's offer to participate in the justice program restorative.

Me Roy then announced that his client had pleaded not guilty and was ready to go to trial. This could take between four and five days according to the lawyers.

But this trial cannot be presided over by Judge Joanne Durette due to a conflict of interests. interests. And because there is no longer a permanent judge in Campbellton, another hearing will be held on January 25 to find a judge and determine a trial date.

Based on information from Serge Bouchard

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