'Forcing issues': Putin pressuring his government over war in Ukraine – CNN

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  • «Force issues»: Putin puts pressure on his government because of the war in Ukraine, — CNN

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< img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/forsirovat-reshenie-voprosov-putin-davit-na-svoe-pravitelstvo-iz-za-vojny-v-ukraine-cnn-0fa5b23. jpg" alt=""Forcing Issues": Putin puts pressure on his government because of the war in Ukraine, — CNN" />

According to Putin, his so-called “special operation” will not be able to achieve results within the framework of standard bureaucratic procedures.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said the new challenges facing the so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine are “serious and significant.” CNN writes about it.

Putin is reported to have urged his government to “speed up” decision-making, as well as step up the production of military equipment.

“Now we are also faced with the need to speed up the resolution of issues related to the provision of a special military operation and related to the fight against the restrictions in the economic sphere that we are facing,” Putin said, addressing the Coordinating Council.

The head of the Kremlin warned that if the “special operation” is carried out within the framework of standard bureaucratic procedures, then “it will have no result.” He also said that the equipment of Russian soldiers should be timely.

According to Putin, the war cannot be based only on previously established standards, as they may become outdated. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the “real situation, real needs.”

Putin urged council members to develop “goals” to be met to meet growing needs in the “shortest time.”

We also recall that Prigozhin's influence is growing, he openly tells Putin about failures. The Russian tycoon and founder of Wagner PMC told the head of the Kremlin that the current leadership in Moscow is waging a bad war.