Ford stops selling popular Focus and Fiesta models


Ford stopped selling popular Focus and Fiesta models

Ford Fiesta and Focus production volumes have decreased due to a shortage of automotive microchips. For this reason, the queues for some versions of the models have already stretched for a year.

The Ford Focus and Fiesta are not currently available for order in Europe. The automaker temporarily stopped accepting applications for its most affordable models. This is reported by Automotive News Europe.

The reason for this decision is also known – the assembly plant in Saarlouis, Germany, is not able to meet the demand for the new Ford Focus and Fiesta. Those who managed to order a car in July will not receive them until the spring of 2023, and some versions have already lined up for a year in advance.

Ford stopped selling popular Focus and Fiesta models

It should be noted that there is no sharp increase in demand for the Ford Fiesta or Focus. Just because of the shortage of automotive microcircuits, the plant cannot reach the planned production volumes. In 2022, 195,000 cars were supposed to be produced in Sarlouis, but only 117,000 will be assembled. The plan for 2023 is 143 thousand cars.

However, this does not mean that it will not be possible to buy Ford Focus and Fiesta at all . Package versions will continue to be produced and distributed to dealers. But you won’t be able to order an individual package.


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